Residential remodeling
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Corona Plumbing Heating and Cooling are committed to providing the best possible customer care for your remodeling project. We continue our year history of quality craftsmanship and attention to design in New York. We specialize in both residential interior and exterior remodeling and home improvement jobs to provide all your handyman needs.

Equipped with well-skilled and fully-trained personnel with the use of modern facilities and high-quality materials, we are always ready to assist you anytime of the day. We provide expert workmanship along with competitive pricing in New York areas.

Corona Plumbing Heating and Cooling specializes on a variety of home remodeling works starting from kitchen and bathroom remodeling up to different built-ins and home additions. We assure you that if you are searching for a top quality company capable of providing professional work at the lowest and affordable price possible, A Corona Plumbing Heating and Cooling is the team suited for you.